Who runs this blog?

My name is Y.L Al-Sheikh. I am a freelance writer and organizer that primary covers the relationship between the American Left and the Palestinian struggle. I also, whenever I find the time, write about working class history and the various subjects that fall under that broad genre. You can find my words in publications such as Dissent, Jacobin, Foreign Policy, Liberal Currents, the Center for International Policy’s journal, and The Nation. I am currently looking for fulltime employment and am doing the majority of my organizing and Palestinian liberation work within Democratic Socialists of America.

This blog is where I publish miscellaneous works, such as book reviews or more casual interviews and analysis, that wouldn’t otherwise fit in the pages of a professional publication. I might also on occasion post other, more lighthearted material that relate to an interest of mine that falls out of the scope of my more focused writing.

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